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Business Director

Héctor Navarro

Hector helped Praxis by implementing a go to market plan in USA, he is responsible for leveraging Praxis capabilities to generate value for the company’s customers on the first office of Praxis in USA located in Dallas TX.

He has a proven track record of customer satisfaction through excellent results in local and international business with clients such us: BMC Software, Orange Business Services, Citigroup, Allied, HCL, Tekelec, Burberry, Tektronix  etc.

Hector's team is working from the United States, Australia, Filipinas, Israel, Mexico, Brazil and the Russia
Hector is responsible for finding clients and daily operations of the in USA, He is an executive professional and financial expert with more than twenty years of experience in using Information Technologies. Hector Worked over six years as a Project Manager, administering development personnel through all the phases, managing several projects simultaneously and using the best practices (PMI’s PMBOK). Managed projects related to the administration and collection of credit loans, portfolio administration and risk analysis among others.  He has excellent analytical skills. Hector has practical investment portfolio experience with a good coverage of the relevant financial body of knowledge (asset analysis, portfolio construction, etc.). He is a teamwork leader capable of sharing ideas and methods with others in a multifunctional environment. Capable of coordinating client service at different levels. Ability to communicate in corporate environments. Excellent   programming and technical skills used to assist at meetings regarding the software objectives of the company in the US.

Hector Navarro led the effort to successfully obtain the 1st solution center in Praxis for an American company, BMC Software in Houston, Texas. Hector’s presence in Dallas will allow Praxis to leverage its relationship with BMC into other opportunities in the United States. Hector has also lead several successful efforts in obtain the business with other American Company, such as Citigroup in Tampa Bay and New York.

From 1986 to 1998, Hector worked for Banco del Atlantico in Mexico City, as a financial IT expert at the bank. In 1998 Hector started working for Modis Profesional Services in Jacksonville FL. Hector was a Software Consultant in migration projects and projects to renovate the legacy system code to update the system with Year 2000.

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