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Nowadays, a high rate of projects failures indicates that the organization is wasting budget and resources but most of all, it is paying a high opportunity cost.

This is why organizations need professionals who efficiently and effectively align projects within time, cost, quality and scope, besides reducing the “time to market”.

In PRAXIS, for more than 18 years, we have provided tools and processes so that managers can lead their projects to success, generating great benefits for the company.

Our seminars are characterized for having the right combination of theory and practice, thus allowing to find effective answers to diverse and complex scenarios.

Our courses and seminars are:

  • Introduction to project management.
  • Techniques and tools in project management.
  • PMP® Certification Seminar (with and without international certification procedures).
  • Planning and control of projects using MS Project.
  • Project management using Project Server.
  • Project Management Office.
IT Commitment Unlimited