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In PRAXIS CLOUD we are prepared to transform cloud service integration processes with any of the multiple platforms of global market. We are specialized in modeling engineering and architecture design of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS services.

Our service model enable us to adapt public, private and hybrid clouds solutions to legacy platforms, in order to establish a natural conviviality between technologies and the company core. Likewise, our model delivers flexible and scalable Cloud solutions and ensures reliability and functionality, which allows us to accompany our customers' business growth integrally and respond to each of their technological needs.

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Cloud's main objective is to provide integral solutions that reflect on our customers' business processes. This will allow them to recover their investment in the short term (during the first year of service), based on the following financial expenses:

  • Reduction of acquisition costs for assets, devices, applications and infrastructure.
  • Reduction of costs for technical operation, maintenance, adaptations and installations.
  • Reduction of payroll costs for technology, IT specialists and technical managers.
  • Reduction of implementation time, quality testing and delivery of IT services.

PRAXIS makes the difference delivering Cloud services through a competitive offer in an innovative and integrated IT solutions context. By means of large processing capability, storage, data distribution and connectivity, Cloud services use and transform information into intelligent data, which are reflected in immediate benefits, such as:

  • Project management provided by external experienced staff.
  • Savings in the investment budget of new technological assets.
  • Savings in the budget of operation and maintenance costs.

PRAXIS has adapted the applications, systems and infrastructure behavior to our clients' technical, productive and operational needs, thanks to the use of virtualization, construction, configuration, migration and release of services with multiple benefits of Cloud technology. Our service model transforms the local technical processes of companies into enabling collaboration solutions on a global level.

IT Commitment Unlimited