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Praxis 15 aniversario

Nowadays, global trends establish that for year 2020 there will be more that 30 billions of devices connected to internet, which forces companies to implement mobile solutions that cover trends and needs of clients and users, otherwise they will show technological stagnation which will generate economical loss.

Mobile Solutions is the PRAXIS specialty in charge of providing tailored and native solutions (friendly with the operative system language) that are executed directly from the mobile devices' operative system (iOS, Android and WindowsPhone) to obtain higher performance, better use of resources and low maintenance cost.

We offer a broad portfolio of services and products that include game development, electronic files, software factory, multichannel messaging, consultancy and resources assignment specialized in mobile technologies. We cover the needs of different sectors, like for instance: transport, AFORES (Retirement Funds Administrators), financial, entertainment, and Augmented Reality, among others.

IT Commitment Unlimited