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Praxis 15 aniversario

PRAXIS executes projects meeting the scopes, costs, quality and time planned. Furthermore, it also adheres to best practices of PMI (Project Management Institute) and software development methodologies, consultancy, as well as to business best practices, in accordance with the type of project.

  • Control of project through the PRAXIS Project Management Methodology (MAPX).
  • Appropriate scope management resulting from a clear definition of requirements and products.
  • Traceability of requirements and products involved in project execution. From initial phases to transition.
  • Use of software developments methodologies, such as RUP and Cascade Development Methodology (MDC - Metodología de Desarrollo en Cascada-).
  • Project's risks management throughout the life-cycle.
  • Incorporation of a Project Manager and Specialty Manager from requirement elicitation.
  • Use of best practices business modeling (BPEL).
  • Control of project costs with the use of the accrued value technique.
  • Incorporation to best practices development based on CMMI model.
  • Variable compensation method for recognizing quality and productivity of our working team.
  • Project monitoring through the PRAXIS Project Management Office (PMO).
  • More than 3000 projects successfully executed.
  • Managers specialized and certified by the PMI.
  • Compliance with expected results, thanks to the use of best practices and the PMO monitoring.
  • High productivity supported on a paid scheme based on project's results.
  • Completed projects in terms of time, cost, quality and scope planned.
  • Developments with high quality standards.
  • Timely decision-making in conjunction with the client about project risks.
  • Facilitates understanding with user areas and project goals, in terms of business benefits are achieved.
  • Improves the project change control.
IT Commitment Unlimited