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Due to the lack of tools, deficient adaptation to regulatory and operational changes, duplicity of functions, inadequate segregation of duties and the lack of management integration, many organizations are wasting time and money trying to obtain timely information for decision making.

In PRAXIS, for 20 years, we have specialized in improving corporate systems through specific technological and industrial solutions that increase productivity, mitigate risks, save money and adapt to regional and global technology. We operate with methodologies based in the PMI®, CMMI®, TMMI®, IIBA®, ITIL® and the best practices of every industry at world level. We are the integral support of strategic and operational areas of organizations.

Our SAP services portfolio includes:

  • Sale of licenses.
  • Implementation of ERP system (enterprise resource planning system).
  • Updates, technical upgrades.
  • Maintenance, support and service desk.
  • Roll Out.
  • Punctual consultancy.
IT Commitment Unlimited