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Solution Center Maintenance Service

Generally, application maintenance turns into:

  • Missed opportunities: applications that do not meet the business needs fast enough.
  • Interrupted business: applications malfunction wich leads to the interruption of operations.
  • Large amounts of money wasted in operations and maintenance of obsolete systems, wich, incidentally are critical since they support the business operation.
  • The challenge is to implement more sensible expenditure in business operations.

Application Maintenance services at Praxis Solution Center offer a holistic perspective on maintenance so as to ensure a reduction in the maintenance cost through a more efficent operation.

Cost reduction is gradual. Once operations are secured, Solution Center applies a series of activities to improve future development, for instance, root-cause analysis, error prevention, applicaton technical analysis focused on robustness, defect density, usage frequencym business relevance and other important factors that provide the necessary information to reduce cost and enhance performance. Praxis consultants will be making suggestions about the total or partial reengineering of certain applications, wich help reduce the maintenance cost.


  • Operational model based on the best practices of the industry (ITIL, CMMI).
  • Full implementation. Guaranteed efficiency!.
  • Robust requirement management to reduce rework costs and undesired impacts.
  • Root-cause analysis and analysis of maintenance trends to ensure applications true value.
  • Migrations and updates combined with reengineering process to support business transformation.
  • Automated configuration management to handle teamwork and prevent errors and rework.


  • Reduce defect and rework risk.
  • Timely answer to business needs.
  • Cost effectiveness through Praxis operational model.
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