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Praxis 15 aniversario

Software applications change accordingly to market needs. "Time to market" as well as application quality and functionality are crucial. Business interruption is not an option and it is precisely at this point where tests become relevant, not only to guarantee quality but also to ensure a lower quality cost.

Praxis offers it customers a testing service to assess application quality and compliance with standards. Test projects at a reasonable cost are achieved through as a test strategy on a risk management basis. Praxis sound process lowers failure risk in complex projects, supporting customers in adequately selecting them and in defining the strategy to follow.


  • Complex test projects.    
  • Automation tests.   
  • Administrative tests.   
  • Design tests.
  • Execution tests.             
  • Functionality (function, safety, test volume).
  • Usability.
  • Performance (benchmark, contention, loading and test volume).
  • Support (configuration, installation tests).
  • Reliability (integrity, structure, stress tests).
  • Improves company operation based in best practices.
  • High cost-effective rate in test projects.
  • Defect prevention to avoid rework and delays.


  • Interactive life-cycle of tests which enables a fast and dynamic answer to changes in systems.
  • Test strategy based on risk analysis.
  • A defect root causes analysis that enforces defect prevention.
  • Test automation strategy focused on efficiency (in charge of automating only repetitive activities, in general, the most time-consuming ones).
  • Metrics implementation for decision making as regards to the system.
IT Commitment Unlimited