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Praxis 15 aniversario

Cyber attacks represent major losses of millions of dollars and a constant leak of information because there are not schemes for the safe handling of documents, nor defined processes to have dominion and monitor the own company data. The tendency to use own mobile devices (BYOD) in the companies requires a security procedure that connect them to a corporate network, without having security problems.

In PRAXIS, we know that security is a priority for any organization, it is because of this that we are a leading company that for almost two decades, has been devoted to strengthen organizations through best practices, in order to provide security and data protection. With our services, companies will be prevented from losing money and data due to cyber attacks, since we reduce vulnerabilities providing monitoring solutions in real time and reports on performance of devices, as well as applications used in the company.

Furthermore, through our consultancy services, we conduct an organization's analysis with regards to regulations, vulnerabilities, ethical hacking and we implement the information security management system (SGSI -Sistemas de Gestión de Seguridad de la Información-).

IT Commitment Unlimited