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ENLACE-SMS is a unified text messages processing service (short message service, sms) that provides company employees and customers with the ability and receiving relevant information directly through their cellular phones on a programmed or demand basis.


The ENLACE-SMS platform sets up a double authentication mechanism through the use of electronic tokens and it enables the creation of alerts or requests for authorization for certain customer operations or transactions.

The platform can be connected to any business application required to send or receive SMS text messages and provides a user interface for monitoring, report generation, and assessment in service real time.


  • The service is designed for mission-critical operation and offers high availability.
  • Fraud prevention: enables alert generation to ask for authorizations on specific transactions.
  • Timely information: allows customers to ask about hired products and services.
  • Marketing: campaign management to different customer sectors.
  • Alerts: enables sending alerts about key company processes or specific transactions.

Technology oriented to high availability based on Java; some of its features are:

  • Advanced security for messages operation and processing.
  • Incoming and outgoing message validation, as well as spam control.
  • Message routing regardless of the operator.
  • Massive processing servers located at data centers.
  • Connectivity certified by mobile telephone suppliers.
  • Provides information in service real time.
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