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Praxis 15 aniversario

The financial services organizations operate in a world of constant change and growth. With the continuous improvements that are required to meet the market's demands, it is essential to have the right team in place. A high knowledge of innovative banking solutions is crucial to overcome these challenges and sustain success. PRAXIS provides tailored solutions to give a distinct, competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging environment by blending our business expertise with the technical knowledge needed to achieve critical robust missions.

PRAXIS is globally recognized as a leader in project and service development; we seek to strengthen our clients, through the adequate use of methodologies and specialized tools. We offer information technology consulting, integration, with remote and local development services in many countries. With more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the financial sector, our clients will achieve the satisfaction and sustain the success that they demand through the best practices that PRAXIS has to offer.

“Here at PRAXIS, we are not satisfied with just making systems; we are concerned with understanding the financial systems of our clients . We seek to integrate ourselves into the corporate culture of our clients; their needs and the expectations of the end user.”

This year PRAXIS announces new adjustments to its operative structure, by virtue of its new Corporate Governance project, wich increases value supported by the established processes and a suitable succesion plan to face with confidence the big challenges along with associates and collaborators.

PRAXIS has developed a strategic and specific goal oriented software solution, able to process high volume payment operations; including, but not limited to , start-of-day operations, payments throughout the day and daily closings. Currently, more than 80­% of bank-to-bank transactions utilizes a PRAXIS system account for transaction routing.

IT Commitment Unlimited